Vcam Universal Squeegee

V-Dek 535

Time & Cost saving features:

1. Direct modification on existing squeegee;

2. Support all product dimensions;

3. No tooling-change required when change model.

4. Perfect fit between deflector & stencil, prevents leakage and minimizes solder paste wastage.

Improvement: Improve printing quality. 

The above features enhance process and price performance at the same time!

Magna-print Universal Squeegee Blade System


Magna-Print™ is a unique technology that enables manufacturers to simplify squeegee blade management. Through a single blade holder that can accommodate multiple blade sizes, Magna-Print eliminates production challenges and the expense of maintaining multiple blades. By combining a universal blade holder that has the ability to host a variety of blade sizes, Ovation’s Magna-Print system ensures that operators always have the right squeegee for the job. The technology is extremely adaptable and can also be used alongside Ovation’s DeFlex™ self-adjusting paste deflectors for maximum performance.