Semicon & OPTO


Nordson DAGE 4000 Optima

4000 Optima

1. Fastest and most accurate bond tester

2. Ultimate speed and flexibility

3. Extensive application capability

Nordson DAGE 4000plus


1.  High versatile

2.  Switch applications in just seconds

3.  Increased efficiency

4.  Ultimate step back accuracy

5.  Ultimate correlation

6.  Intelligent software

Nordson DAGE 4000


1. Bond test system of DAGE 4000 is used in assembly industry of semiconductor, optical unit and PCB.  Apply to all kinds of test in pull and shear with high accuracy, high repeatability, and high reoccurrence.
2. Easy Rocker control.
3. Motor driver on X,Y work station.
4. apply in all kinds of package and test in gold and aluminium wire bonding force in semiconductor as well as the bonding force of COB package, optical, LEB,SMT assembly, original and board.